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House Rules


Welcome home Ladies!

The TLP group chat is a safe space for each and every one of our members to connect and experience entrepreneurship with the support of the sisters in The Lady Powerhouse community. We want you all to feel like you can be open, transparent and welcome at all times.

With that in mind, all members of TLP house’s (WhatsApp group chats) are asked to read and follow the notes and guidelines listed below.

Code of conduct for WhatsApp groups last updated: 31st January 2023


Your mobile phone number is required to join WhatsApp. It is not possible to hide your mobile phone number on WhatsApp.


Please be aware your mobile phone number is visible to anyone else in the same WhatsApp discussion group as you.


It is forbidden to misuse the mobile phone number of any other participant in the group. This includes sharing said phone numbers without explicit permission from the owner of the phone number.


Only share information shared by someone in this group if explicitly asked to. All people using the WhatsApp groups are asked to maintain confidentiality and not copy any of the messages elsewhere without explicit permission from the sender.

TLP May download and maintain records of conversations in each of the groups, but all this data will be maintained securely and no personal or identifying information will be published or made available outside of the TLP staff team.


If someone shares an idea for advice please do not repeat these ideas outside of the group chat.

See more details here:


Between the times of 10pm and 6am, try not to post in the group chat


Messages posted on the WhatsApp groups should be supportive and respectful of all other group users.

Remember that the other people in the group want to hear about successes as well as problems.

Offloading frustration and expressing feelings are both okay but try to keep your language moderate and your criticism constructive. Try not to swear.

Please only post content that belongs to you due to copyright regulations - otherwise, you may link to external websites such as Youtube and Instagram.

It’s okay to make passing comments on what’s happening around you, whether it’s That new show on TV, politics or the weather, but remember that the group is about the community succeeding as entrepreneurs.

You are expected to be patient and allow new members to find their feet in this group.give new members time, space and peace to observe, watch conversations, to see how to communicate.

Whilst we encourage everyone to be transparent and open, No one is under any obligation to chat, answer questions, or tell their story.

Use of The lady Powerhouse WhatsApp Groups are open to all members of The Lady Powerhouse Community (Per the TLP terms of membership)

Anyone found to not be a member of TLP in a TLP house group chat will be removed - It is your responsibility to update your number via your TLP account to keep us informed.

Some group members may message you directly. There is no obligation to answer. If this direct personal approach does not suit you, please let the individual know, or refer it back to The Lady Powerhouse Team and we will deal with it.

Do not spam the group. Where possible post your message in one single chunk of text, instead of broken down into multiple messages.

These guidelines for use of the WhatsApp groups have been developed and will remain under review – comments and suggestions are welcome. We want everyone using the groups to understand how they operate and what they are for. All users are required to abide by these guidelines in order to take part.

If you have concerns about any message posted on a WhatsApp group email:, and a member of TLP staff will try and resolve the matter. If a TLP staff member or group overseer considers a message inappropriate they will contact the person who posted it and seek removal of the message if necessary.

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