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Choose people who will say your name in a room full of opportunities”


Join The Community!

We are creating opportunities for ambitious women like yourself to build their business knowledge and to develop applicable skills to be successful entrepreneurs.

How TLP Benefits our Members...

A Safe Space For Female Founders

TLP community is a judgement free zone. A safe space for women to be and become their best selves whilst building their dream businesses.

Our unwavering commitment lies in creating an inclusive environment where like-minded women can come together, support one another and climb the ladder of success hand in hand.

At the heart of our mission is a dedication to help under-resourced women activate their passions. We understand that access to vital knowledge and resources can be limited, creating barriers for women in the business world. We aim to bridge that gap and empower women with the information and education they need to thrive.

How We Do This?

Our Houses (group chats) are a dynamic space, bringing together groups of up to 30 members who share a common journey as female entrepreneurs. These meaningful connections foster genuine relationships, encourage collaboration, and provide a platform to ask questions, exchange ideas, and open doors to new opportunities.


Through our monthly Family meetings, we celebrate each other's achievements, hold one another accountable to our goals, and explore the intricacies of entrepreneurship. It's a nurturing space where we learn and grow together.


Our dedication to growth and development continues with a range of workshops and programs designed to empower The Lady Powerhouse Community. We believe in the power of networking, learning, and taking bold steps towards elevating our businesses.


Whether you already have a thriving business, are starting from scratch, or dream of owning your own business one day, this is the community where you belong. Together, we'll unlock the full potential of every woman, empowering them to soar to new heights. Welcome to The Lady Powerhouse CIC - a place where dreams are nurtured, and success knows no bounds.

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